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LUQMAAN Owolabi Rauph formaly known by  his stage name (Luralph). LUQMAAN is as of now signed to Freshkid  Entertainment .


Luqmaan Owolabi Rauph has been in the  music industry for a long while, with  some famous melodies surprisingly.  He has worked with known artist, likes of Sound Sultan,  Olamide, Ayuba and some more.  LUQMAAN was called into Islamic music  through his enthusiasm for teaching the young  what’s more, advancing Islam among them.


He performed Hajj in 2013 to additionally comprehend and  encounter Islam in its actual shape and through the  encounter he was additionally attracted into his energy to accomplish more.  His music is affected by universal Islamic music acts  preferences of Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharnsby, Yusuf sami,  Maher Zain and so forth.


The EPcollection “IF ONLY YOU KNOW” was enlivened by numerous statements  LUQMAAN saw in the Qu’ran.  On the off chance that ONLY YOU KNOW, from the Almighty Allah, talks past human  perception and its a line each Muslim ought to recollect forget to  keep the confidence solid.


Luqmaan needs to utilize his special Islamic music of universal standard  to make roads to present Islamic shows of universal standard  in the closest future, particularly to the Nigerian young people, where famous  universal Islamic craftsmen like Zain Bhikha, Yusuf Sami, Maher Zain will be a portion of the craftsmen that will perform.


Luqmaan, through his exceptional  sort of Islamic music with universal interest, needs to make roads  to acquaint youth strengthening programs with teach the adolescents and furthermore  acquaint them with well known Muslims who are additionally extraordinary achievers as a  wellspring of motivation.

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